Our video tutorials will teach you how to create territory structures up to the creation of reports on territories.

The following topics are covered in the videos:

Creating a new territory structure

This video presents the wizard for creating a new territory structure. It is the first step to plan and analyze your own territories. You will find a detailed description of the single steps here.

Creating a new point layer

Territory structures may be built on pointssuch as your customers. In this video we show you how to create such a point layer and then use it as brick level for a new territory structure.

Creating locations

Once you have created a territory structure, locations are usually created for this structure. In this video we explain the wizard for creating locations for your territories.

Designing territory structures

In this video we show you the various possibilities for designing the areas and locations. We will explain color optimization, modifications of borders and areas and how you change the symbols for locations.

Modifying territory structures

You want to adapt your status quo to new business requirements? Then take a look at this video. We teach you area optimizations and manual assignment of territories.

Report on areas with data

A report on areas is a possibility to create single maps for each territory automatically. In this example, the report on areas is also enriched with data.