Working with EasyMap

In these videos you will find many useful tips and tricks about working with EasyMap.

The following topics are covered in the videos:

The program interface

In this video we introduce you to the interface and the most important terms of the program window.

Inserting a base map

An essential step for the creation of a map is the insertion of the base map.

Changing base maps

Have you been supplied with new map bases and are now wondering how to integrate them into your existing structures as quickly as possible? We show you in this short video how to change base maps.

Importing data

In this video we show you how to connect your data with EasyMap. Get to know the wizard for importing and linking data.We will also explain the difference between imported and linked data.

Map design

ter you have generated your analyses and territory structures, the later viewer may need more information to understand the map. This includes legends for the displayed content, headings and logos.


In this video you get to know the different types of reports.

Presenting results

After having created the workbook, EasyMap offers several ways to share your results. In this video we introduce you to the most important features for sharing maps and data. You may publish your maps with the interactive EasyMap Xplorer, so that data and maps are always available. Further options are data or map exprots in graphic or office formats.

Rearranging windows

The video shows the various possibilities to arrange data, map and control windows within the EasyMap program window in such a way that all the essentials are still visible at a glance even if, for example, many tables are open at the same time. Please click here to read more. The video is based on a territory organization example created with the EasyMap DistrictManager Edition. However, the techniques shown for arranging the windows are also available in the EasyMap Standard Edition .