What's new?

Thanks to innovative developments, your customized map can be created even more easily with EasyMap. Simplifications in the Data control window not only allow you to see all columns directly in the tree view but also to drag analyses or territory organizations directly onto the map. An accurate positioning of your customers by their addresses is another far-reaching innovation in the current version of EasyMap.

EasyMap 11.2 - the Highlights

  • Geocoding - placement via address
  • Display tables with tree view

  • You can drag and drop your analysis onto the map

  • Create a new territorial structure by Drag&Drop

  • Simplification of the data-base maps linkage

  • Search a table for all columns
  • Map formats - Import and Export

Read more about the new features here.

EasyMap Xplorer 11.2 - the Highlights

  • Bing map in grayscale

  • New login pages
  • Optimized search

  • Define start areas

  • Simplified group management

Read more about the new features here.